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During this particular session there was never more than a four-minute period before the connection to one of the sites was lost. This may be an extreme example, but according to the instructor involved in the presentation, the course experience was “ better, but similar to past experiences” (pg. 743). At Southern Arkansas University-Magnolia, they discovered that using compressed video as a single medium of delivering distance education was not as effective as was first hoped. Because of this they developed a different concept of an “electronic classroom” that did not rely on just one mode of delivery . Their experience was that compressed video had connection problems and did not work well broadcasting information delivered by lecture.

The government-established Higher Education Commission is responsible for all matters related to the accreditation of universities in Pakistan. All recognized universities in Pakistan are listed on the HEC website. However, theAxact company, based in Karachi, was the subject of a 2015 investigation by the New York Times, which found it was committing fraud in other countries, by granting fake degrees and diplomas. Most universities and colleges are public institutions; universities are self-governing, but financed by the state. However, some schools, like Tvind's teacher college, provide education which is only accredited outside Denmark.

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Social life – Athletes with a strong athletic identity might tend to neglect other aspects of life to fulfil their athlete role, which can increase the potential risk of social problems. Depending on your level / sport you may find that all your social activities are with team mates. Student-athletes can be subjected to a substantial amount of pressure to successfully balance their academic studies with their sporting commitments. This greater level of stress may in part be due to the decreased amount of time that they are warranted to complete their responsibilities. Whatever the way into the numbers, student athletes will rightly claim that they produce much of the revenue and are entitled to get a true accounting of all of these hidden subsidies and tricks. A good model can be found in the collective bargaining agreements of the professional leagues.


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